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Gamla Slottskällans Bryggeri

Gamla Slottskällans Bryggeri is a Swedish microbrewery founded in 1997 by Hans Finell and Johan H Andersson. The two first beers from this little brewery were Premiär and Svart, which both became available in May 1998.

Gamla Slottskallans Bryggeri


After a company reconstruction in 2003, the financially struggling company was brought back to life and managed to survive. Today, it is owned by Anders Slotte and produces around 650 000 litres of beer per year.


This brewery is located in Boländerna, Uppsala.

Examples of beers from Gamla Slottskällans Bryggeri

  • Uppsala. Pale lager with a small amount of hops.
  • Roslager. Pale lager with a medium amount of hops.
  • Slottslager. Pale lager with a large amount of hops.
  • Imperial Stout. 9% ABV.
  • Kloster. Belgian ale.
  • Pale Ale. English ale.
  • Vit. Wheat beer.
  • Decennium. German-style bock beer.
  • Vrak. A wheat beer made from yeast retrieved from bottles found in a shipwreck. The ship was a German cargo ship who sank outside Öland in the Baltic Sea in 1917 (during WWI).
  • Tomte. A beer made for the Christmas season.
  • Nisse. A beer made for the Christmas season.
  • Blåkulla. A beer made for the Easter season.
  • Semester. A beer made for the Swedish summer season.
  • Höstlager. A dark lager for the Swedish fall season.
  • Slottskällans IPA
  • EKO lager

Throughout the years, the brewery has also launched many time-limited special versions of Uppsala for various organizations and events. One example is the pale lager Linné created for the 2007 Linné Anniversary.

Gotlands Bryggeri

Gotlands Bryggeri is a Swedish microbrewery owned by the Swedish beer giant Spendrups Bryggeriaktiebolag. The company is headquartered in Vårby, Stockholm, but the brewing takes place in Visby on the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea.

Gotlands Bryggeri


The brewery house was built in the mid-1990s using a design created by local architect Birger Andersson. The first beers were Munköl klass II & III and Klosteröl klass III, created by brewmaster Johan Spendrup. Munköl is Swedish for Monk beer, while Klosteröl means Convent beer. Medeltidsöl (Medieval beer) and Julöl (Yule beer) followed in suit in 1997.

In the early 21st century, Gotlands Bryggeri created several speciality beers for pubs and tavernas in Visby, the capital of Gotland, and many of them became strongly associated with the annual Visby Medieval Week.

By 2006, Gotlands Bryggeri was making 200,000 liter wort per year.

Gotlands Bittar

Gotlands Bittar is an amaro (herbal liqueur) made from distilled leftovers from Gotlands Bryggeri. It is seasoned with 30 different herbs grown and collected locally on Gotland.

Grebbestad Bryggeri

Grebbestad Bryggeri is a Swedish microbrewery offering a wide range of beers, including ale, porter and larger. They also produce an award-winning julmust. Julmust is a type of beverage (not a beer) drunk during the Swedish Christmas celebrations.

Grebbestad Bryggeri


The company is headquartered in Askim, Gothenburg, but the brewing takes place in Grebbestad, Tanum, under the supervision of brewery master Johan Hansson.

Examples of beers from Grebbestad Bryggeri

  • Lager (formerly known as Granit)
  • Hummeröl (the name means ”lobster beer”)
  • Ostronporter (the name means ”oyster porter”)
  • East Kent Golding (an ale)
  • Lunator Dubbelbock
  • Prippklubbens Starkpilsner
  • Alberget 4A (formerly known as Alltid oavsett)
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